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Check Check Check….Check It Out

One of my favorite bloggers has allowed me to be a guest blogger on her page. This is a great way for bloggers to expose their audience to other blogs and spread the love. So without further ado…..here is the link to the page my first guest post is on. And please check out the rest of her blog it is awesome! Spread the love and meet someone new.

My First Guest Post: Settling for So-So

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Are We Truly Free (A Must Read From A Fellow Blogger)

“In talking to a friend on Facebook, I can’t help for feel sorry for those who have to “hide” who they truly are. America, we are taught, is the Land of the Free. But is it really that Free?

People are hiding their sexuality and faith. If America is so Free, why must we hide?”

Okay that’s all you get, there’s your sample, if you want to read more click on the link below and feel free to show her some love about this thought provoking post.

Are We Truly Free


Letting Go

Letting Go.

A post from a fellow blogger about why Letting Go is so important. We don’t think of how severely life events impact our heart and shape the person we are. This is a great example of how holding onto the things that hurt us hurt our heart. Very, insightful blog to follow!

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From a fellow blogger

Goodbye to fear.

For you poetry lovers out there, this poem is the kind that will make you want to keep fighting. A lot of good stuff from a fellow blogger theblackandwhitedragonfly. Please check out the rest of this blog, you’ll enjoy it.

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Success is Subjective (from the blog of Carly Sarah)

Success is Subjective.

A very great post about what success means these days. Take a look I’m sure you’ll find yourself nodding your head just like I did when I read it. I swiped this from one of my fellow bloggers Carly Sarah, you should check out the rest of her blog.

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The Traveling Red Dress — TheBloggess.com

The Traveling Red Dress — TheBloggess.com.

Have you met The Bloggess yet…..if not then you need to

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Lois Lane? Pshh, I want to be Superwoman.: July 2012

Lois Lane? Pshh, I want to be Superwoman.: July 2012.

Exercise the douches out of your life and put an end to drama

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We Can Rebuild Her........we think

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We Can Rebuild Her........we think

We Can Rebuild Her........we think


We Can Rebuild Her........we think

We Can Rebuild Her........we think

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We Can Rebuild Her........we think

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