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Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some footbaaallll! I’ve had the theme song for Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football stuck in my head since I was little. Have I mentioned before that I’m a sports addict. Yeah addict is putting it nicely. I have apparel for every team I root for, except rugby because I’m still undecided on that one. I get text alerts sent through ESPN, got the ESPN app high on my go to list on my phone, ESPN and every team’s website is bookmarked on my toolbar. So yeah I like sports a little, LOL.

My favorite has always, and will always be football. That’s the first sport my mom and I bonded over. Being raised in Texas she was a Cowboys fan. As mommy’s little girl I wanted to follow in her footsteps. But since I’m from Philly it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to be a Cowboys fan, people get pretty heated over that rivalry. So I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. WOO! I do have hometown loyalties to the Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies though.

I’ve never been afraid to voice my opinion when guys have a sports debate in my presence. Usually I get a confused look because there are lots of guys who assume that women know nothing about sports and I’m just rooting for my man’s team. Not the case. I have no problem talking smack on sports I follow. So last year one of my friends got me to join his fantasy football league because I said something about being interested in trying it out. I didn’t do too bad for my first year, think I finished 7 out of 10. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Of course when the time came this year I scoured Yahoo, ESPN and NFL.com for leagues to join. Because of all the downtime I have thanks to my back injury I ended up in four different leagues. Mostly because people weren’t active so I kept trying to find leagues where people were active. There’s nothing more irritating than people who auto-draft. I understand if you have to work or something comes up. But with all the options out there you can find a league that fits your schedule. Whatever. Now the first thing I check on Mondays are the current match-ups to see how I’m doing. I don’t do it for monetary prizes, I do it for bragging rights. Right now I’m winning 3 out of 4, hopefully I get a great game and the points I need to make it 4 out of 4 after tonight’s game. We shall see


International Love

No this isn’t a shout out to Pitbull, although his songs are great to workout to. Just wanted to say HELLO to the new visitors who stopped to check out my blog. Thank you France, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, China, Norway, Taiwan, New Zealand and Finland! I haven’t forgotten about you USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Colombia and the Netherlands. I still love you! It is pretty cool to see people from the countries of my ancestors enjoying my blog.

For the scoop on my genealogy check out this post –> DNA Road Maps

Now all I need is someone from Greece, Libya, Ukraine and Ireland to make my family circle complete! 🙂

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Check Check Check….Check It Out

One of my favorite bloggers has allowed me to be a guest blogger on her page. This is a great way for bloggers to expose their audience to other blogs and spread the love. So without further ado…..here is the link to the page my first guest post is on. And please check out the rest of her blog it is awesome! Spread the love and meet someone new.

My First Guest Post: Settling for So-So

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Crisp Air

It’s funny how some people assume that whatever season you were born in is your favorite. I’m a winter baby, and I don’t know many winter babies that are too fond of that season. Me I’m all spring and fall. Spring is just warm enough to wear t-shirts and enjoy the feel of the sunshine on your face. Fall is still a bit warm but just cold enough for hoodies and sweatshirts minus a jacket on top. Now this is one of my favorite sweatshirts.

Besides the fact that it says NAVY, it’s also super comfy. Fall also means I can wear boots. YAYYY!!! I love love love a good pair of boots. My preferred footwear. I have a pair I bought a couple years ago that I need to have fixed, issue with the zipper. Knee high black boots, jeans and a hooded sweater. That’s my kind of outfit right there! What’s your favorite season or go-to outfit?


Back to the Grind

Today I start another 10 week semester. Technically 9 weeks since the last week is just for professors to catch up on late submissions and get final grades in. 9 weeks of scattered sleep, research sessions, writing sessions, re-writing sessions, reading until my eyes hurt and posting lots and lots of posting on our discussion boards. I love the online college platform because it’s flexible to the random needs of my life. I think if I was going to a traditional school I’d probably lose what’s left of my sanity a lot quicker. Plus I’d feel weird being in a lecture hall surrounded by 17-18 year olds when I’m 30 going on 31. Cause you know it only takes one person to find out I’m over 21 and then all of a sudden “Hey can you buy us beer?” Ummm….no not risking fines so you can get wasted it’s not happening kiddo. It takes a lot of OCD level organization to keep me on track. Sometime during my sophomore year I started going out and getting these giant wall calendars to keep everything organized. This is what my current semester looks like…..

Pretty accurate visual for what goes on in my head….even the black scribbles…think those would be urggghhh in my head

But what about doctor appointments and other things you say….that’s what the calendar on my phone is for. Not going to clog this calendar up with non-school stuff. This semester I only have 7 papers to do, which is less than last semester, they’re all 3-6 pages except my final that’s 6-10 pages. Well every semester I find some way to streamline my life. Last semester I started working ahead on a bunch of papers and I had 5 of my last 10 done weeks in advance. Gives me more time to stress over the bigger projects. Don’t worry I won’t disappear and let cobwebs start forming on this blog. I might not get on here everyday but at least every other day. Time for me to see what I can work on ASAP.


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Whatcha Reading?? Lone Survivor

Not everyone believes in war, I believe it’s a necessary evil sometimes when we have to protect our country from outside threats. I’ve been pro-military for a long time because my grandfather made the choice to serve his country as a member of the United States Navy during World War II. My boyfriend also made that same choice and served in the Navy 18 years ago. This book I’m about to show you came into my life as a happy accident. I had to do this project for school and one of the questions asked about a book that inspired me I believe. I didn’t feel like digging through my collection, since I had most of it packed in storage bins. So I started looking through biographies and autobiographies and I came across this book……

One of the best books I’ve ever read!!!

I can’t even remember the last time a book made me sob uncontrollably for someone I’d never met. I mega love Marcus Luttrell for finding the strength and courage to get through this. Hooyah Marcus Luttrell! There are three kinds of people in this country: those who serve in the military, those who are proud of the sacrifices military men and women make for millions of strangers, and well I’m not wasting space on the third kind if you get my drift. It’s unimaginable how people find the strength to live through situations like what Marcus describes in his book. You will laugh, you will smile and if you don’t shed a tear then you sir/ma’am have a cold cold heart. GET.THIS.BOOK!
Follow him on Twitter: @Marcus Luttrell

Want more of my recommendations —> Whatcha Reading?? Lies My Teacher Told Me

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My First Job

I’ve had some interesting jobs in my lifetime. I’ve worked almost steadily since the age of 16 up until now. The only time I didn’t have a job was during the 6 months I was at Stockton College in NJ and while I was at The Restaurant School. Well technically I did work when I was at The Restaurant School, I just didn’t get paid for it. Anywho, my first job was working for the Summer Housing Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Say what now? Yeah I know not your typical job for a teenager, but I liked it. I got the job because of my mom, she worked at UPenn in the Academic Housing department. I basically grew up on that campus. When I was little I used to love walking through the mini parks they had scattered around the campus. All of her co-workers loved me and I loved tagging along with them whenever my mom was busy. Kind of funny that outside of my mom and her best friend Ms. Jean these were the only people who called me by my full first name instead of my nickname. I think they just loved saying my name I don’t know.

This is the high rise my mom worked in….Hi Academic Housing!!

As a kid I had no clue what my mom’s job really meant, all I knew was she worked in a high rise and dealt with a lot of cranky people all day. There’s a difference between middle class cranky and rich cranky. When I turned 16 my mom thought it was time for me to get a job. Since I was so familiar with the UPenn campus, it just seemed natural that I should work there too. Basically me and my friend Melissa would push this big old bin on wheels from high rise to high rise. They’d give us a list of the rooms that needed to be checked on and we were on our way. Had all the essentials we needed for cleaning the rooms and whatnot stuffed in that wheely bin. Here’s where it gets interesting….it’s amazing the things people leave behind. So we’d go into these rooms the summer semester students were using and run through the list. Making notes about damage to the room, cleaning it up, taking the linens and dumping them in bags so they could be washed, and leaving clean linens behind. Some of the rooms weren’t too bad. But other ones look like someone had a rave the night before. College kids are nasty! And they would leave behind things that were either cool, broken or just oh-my-god-you’re-seven-types-of-nasty. Rich kids don’t care what condition the things they leave behind are in, they can just replace them  the next day. So we’ve seen lamps, radios, dishes, clothes, shoes, books, used condoms. All types of random things left behind. I only worked during the summer because my mom was worried about me keeping my grades up. But I worked there two summers in a row. It was a fun, interesting job to say the least. But it made me thankful for the things I had, and made me want to work harder for the things I wanted.

No clue what the name is for this art piece so mom and I called it The Dueling Tampons

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A Quick Hello :-D

So I found this little guy in the middle console of my boyfriend’s car. I’m assuming he was a prize from a machines his son won. Anywhoo, he’s mine now. Say hello to everyone Emperor Wigglehands!



More Random Goodness:

My Bedtime Ritual


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Favorite Things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite thing”

Thank you Julie Andrews and Disney for getting this song from The Sound of Music stuck in my head

It’s funny how as you get older somehow you end up sounding exactly like you swore you’d never sound when you were a kid. Remember how when you were little you’d hear older people saying things like When I was your age”…..and you swore up and down you were never, EVER going to say that when you got older. Hahahahaha we were so naive! Because you and I both know we’ve used that phrase not once…not twice….but several times. BECAUSE IT’S TRUE! There is always some way for one generation to compare themselves to the generation coming up behind them, and the one after that. The Baby Boomers and Generation X (1950s to late 1970s) had the 60’s, Women’s Rights Revolution, Civil Rights, The Moon Landing, the greatest music ever created and the beginning of technological advances. Generation Y (1980s to 2000) had the Reagan Era, Sally Ride, Nintendo, the second best period of music, and the best cartoons (Thundercats Ho! and who was more outrageous than Jem).

When I was a kid I constantly heard Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers talking about how they didn’t have the crazy things kids my age had. VCRs, tape decks and the coolest thing of all at that time Nintendo. “When I was your age we didn’t have fancy toys like you do. We played stickball and walked 5 miles to school, uphill both ways.” You wave it off and think What do these old people know.” Then you get older and you look at the things kids have access to now and you think “When I was your age we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, iPods, iPads, Xbox Kinect or Wiis.” Damn I feel old saying that. But you get nostalgic about the good old days and reminisce about the great things you had, and appreciate the things you have now. So I wanted to make a short list of My Favorite Things: Then and Now.To keep this from getting ridiculously out of hand I’ll do a top 3 for each section. Gadgets/Toys, Movies, TV Shows and Songs. And I’d love to hear from you what your favorite things are. So here goes……


Easy Bake Oven

I was completely in awe of the fact that I could make my own tiny little cakes. Nevermind the fact that you were using a lightbulb to heat these things up. And the fact that they didn’t taste the greatest either. None of that matter because I thought I was the best chef in the world. My mom was nice enough to smile and choke down those awful things while managing to make me think I was doing a good job. Stomaching your child’s awful attempts at baking….that’s unconditional love right there.

Snoopy Sno Cone Machine

So let me get this straight…..if I want a sno cone and it’s the middle of winter I can just make it myself. The Ice Cream Man only came around during spring and summer. So if I really wanted a sno cone and mom was too busy to go to the store, I could just make it myself. SWEEETTT!

Cabbage Patch Doll

Before there was a Tickle Me Elmo craze there was the Cabbage Patch Doll. When I look at them now I can’t understand why in the hell we wanted them so bad because those things are far from cute. But when they came out every little girl asked Santa to put one under the tree for her. And I was no exception.


HTC HD7 Windows Phone

Most people know that my favorite color is pink. So when I got this phone one of the two things that sold me on it was the fact that I could make the tiles on my home screen pink. AWESOME! I also like that I can move said tiles around and place them however it suites my needs. Having Microsoft Office on there helps too, I barely use it but it’s nice to have in case I get ideas for a paper while I’m traveling. Besides all the sweet apps it’s the personalization part I like the most.


No need to be chained to a desk anymore now that I have a laptop. Plane, train, automobile….my laptop goes everywhere with me. Thanks to many places adding outlets in their locations a lot of places are becoming laptop friendly. But it’s convenient to be able to pick this thing up and pull it out whenever I need to do something. Instead of being forced to only work on things when I’m at home.


No more worrying about missing a show! Just set your DVR to record and away we go. Single shows, movies, TV series…whatever. If you want it you can store it on your DVR and watch as many times as your heart desires. Unlike when I was a teen and used to wait patiently with a blank VCR tape ready and my finger on the Record button. Now I don’t have to be in the room or even have that channel on. VCRs forced you to make sure your TV was set to the right channel. It sucked to remember after the fact that your show was on channel 10 not channel 6, because then…well you missed it.



This was the first movie I saw so it holds a special place in my heart. I wasn’t even 1 years old yet when this movie was released so I think my mom waited until it came out on video. To this day every time E.T. gets sick I still cry like a baby.

The Princess Bride

“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!” At the time I was still a big fan of wrestling so seeing Andre the Giant in that movie was a thrill for me. But on top of that it was sweet and hi-larious. One of my favorite movies because it wasn’t slapstick or over the top comedy.

Nightmare on Elm Street

No matter how old I get I’ll always be terrified of Freddy Krueger. Why? Because he’s the only horror monster you can’t run away from since he’s in your dreams. When I was finally old enough for my mom to let me watch it I ended up sleeping with the lights on for a while. That song those little girls sing still creeps me out.



For those of you who haven’t seen this movie I won’t be one of “those people” who spills the beans on how it ends. All I have to say is FREEDOMMMMM! That is love right there. Not just love between a man and a woman, but love for your country to go through all of that.

The Help

If you haven’t seen this movie yet you are seriously slacking. It’s not a chick flick, it’s an everyone flick. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. You really feel for what these ladies had to go through to make a living, and how hard it was to survive in the 60s. It makes you grateful that things aren’t the same as it was. We still have a ways to go, but I am so glad I didn’t have to live through the 60s.


Best. Comedy. EVER! I’ve loved Melissa McCarthy from back when she was on Gilmore Girls. But to see her hold her own in this movie was awesome. My face and sides were killing me from laughing so much. I had to remind myself to breathe while I was laughing so hard.


The Cosby Show

So Bill Cosby and I have a connection. Not like a “hey I’ve met him or grew up near him” kind of connection…but a “you’re from my area” connection. We’re both from Philadelphia. So to see him portrayed as a successful doctor married to a successful lawyer was great. The fact that they didn’t come off as the perfect family was even better. It showed that no matter how much money you have, there are still issues in every household. So it was nice to see that.

Full House

Back when there was something called TGIF I looked forward to this show a lot. I could be in the other room and as soon as I heard the theme song I skidded into the living room. Have to admit I had a crush on John Stamos so that’s why I started watching. But it was kinda funny.

Tales From the Crypt

When this show first started I wasn’t allowed to stay up late enough to watch it. So I’d sneak down after my mom was asleep and keep the volume down just low enough for me to hear but not wake her up. I thought I was sooo slick. Yeah, mom caught on to my tricks. Eventually she caved and let me stay up to watch the show as long as there were no complaints about me getting up in the morning. So not only was it cool that I got to stay up late (Ooooooo), but the Cryptkeeper had this wicked sense of humor I picked up on. I think that’s when I realized I had a sick sense of humor and was beyond politically incorrect.



My grandfather and my boyfriend both served in the Navy, so when I heard about a show dedicated to Navy cops I just had to watch. And then I met Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the silver haired fox, and fell in love with him and his entire team.

The Walking Dead

Laugh all you want this is a how-to guide for surviving the zombie apocalypse. It’s also a really good show that manages to keep a great story going in the middle of fighting zombies.

Boardwalk Empire & Game of Thrones

If you haven’t seen either of these shows you should. I had a hard time picking between them because they’re both sooo good. But again, great storyline with the right amount of violence and naughtiness.


Thriller by Michael Jackson

The first time I heard Vincent Price’s laugh I jumped up and stopped the record. Damn I miss listening to music on vinyl. That laugh creeped me out and would haunt my dreams. So for a while I would always get up and stop the song right before that point. Then the video came out and I eventually got over it and tried to do the zombie dance. I now blame my fascination with zombies on this song, it’s all MJ’s fault.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Bubbly, fun. The right kind of song to put on when you wanted to be silly and dance around the room. Like any other 80’s girl I loved Madonna too, but I loved Cyndi Lauper more.

Walk Like An Egyptian  by The Bangles

I loved the beat and the dance that went with this song. Another one of those fun songs that made you want to get up and dance.


Won’t Back Down by Eminem

This is my anthem for when things feel like they’re piling on and the anxiety is trying to get the best of me. For those days when I’ve dealt with people’s bad attitudes and I’m completely fed up. This is that song that reminds me to keep going and pushing for what I want. Ignore the assholes and keep fighting. Never say quit.

Belief by John Mayer

I love the message behind this song. Just sit and listen to the song with the lyrics in front of you and it does make a lot of sense. John Mayer has a way with words.

Put You In A Song by Keith Urban

One of my favorite love songs.

For More Like This—–> When I Was Your Age 

One Day You’ll Realize I’m Right

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Bedtime Ritual

I’m one of those people who finds amusement in the most random things. I still love a good Disney movie. I have no problem discussing the reasons why it’s bad to take Barbie’s shoes off (once they’re off those things are a lost cause). My friends say I’m an smart-ass with a dirty, messed up sense of humor. As my boyfriend likes to say, I’m very random. Conversations start off in a normal direction, and then somehow there’s a u-turn and you end up speeding through the grass until you find Random Road. I don’t mean random, nonsensical stuff, just random topics. So of course bedtime is no different. No clue why I started doing this, but a couple nights a week after the lights are out and we’re settled into bed I ask a random question.

Me: Can I have a bear for Christmas? Not one of those big ones but a cute little cuddly one.

Mark: *sigh* Go to bed.

Next night…..

Me: Can I have a Clydesdale for Christmas?

Mark: *sigh* Goodnight.

Next night…….

Me: Can I have a dolphin for my birthday?

Mark: Oh my God go to bed Dee!

The week before that I think I asked for a tiger. At some point I’ll probably stop before “kind of cute and slightly annoying” turns into “shut up before I put duct tape over your mouth.” There’s a fine line between cute and sleeping with duct tape.

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