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International Love

No this isn’t a shout out to Pitbull, although his songs are great to workout to. Just wanted to say HELLO to the new visitors who stopped to check out my blog. Thank you France, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, China, Norway, Taiwan, New Zealand and Finland! I haven’t forgotten about you USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Colombia and the Netherlands. I still love you! It is pretty cool to see people from the countries of my ancestors enjoying my blog.

For the scoop on my genealogy check out this post –> DNA Road Maps

Now all I need is someone from Greece, Libya, Ukraine and Ireland to make my family circle complete! 🙂

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Cerebral Palsy Inspirational Run: Matt Woodrum Cheered on by Family and Classmates – YouTube

Cerebral Palsy Inspirational Run: Matt Woodrum Cheered on by Family and Classmates – YouTube.

When John Blaine realized 11-year-old Matt Woodrum was struggling through his 400-meter race at school in central Ohio, the physical education teacher felt compelled to walk over and check on the boy.

“Matt, you’re not going to stop, are you?” he encouragingly asked Woodrum, who has cerebral palsy.

“No way,” said the panting, yet determined, fifth-grader.

Almost spontaneously, dozens of Woodrum’s classmates — many who had participated earlier in the school’s field day — converged alongside him, running and cheering on Woodrum as he completed his final lap under the hot sun.

The race on May 16, captured on video by Woodrum’s mother, is now capturing the attention of strangers on the Internet, many who call the boy and his classmates an inspiration to be more compassionate toward each other. A nearly five-minute YouTube video posted this week by the boy’s uncle has received more than 680,000 views.

Woodrum, who has spastic cerebral palsy that greatly affects his muscle movement, said he had a few moments where he struggled.

“I knew I would finish it,” said the soft-spoken Woodrum, who attends Colonial Hills Elementary School in suburban Worthington. “But there were a couple of parts of the race where I really felt like giving up.”

For more on this story: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/ohio-runner-cerebral-palsy-hit-online-1648…



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Thank you xoxoxo!

So I decided to take a look at the nifty stats page WordPress has put together for us bloggers. And I’d just like to say one thing to all of you…..THANK YOU! When I started writing this I thought only a couple people would bother looking at it, let alone following it. But thanks to the love of the blogging universe I’ve had views from people in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Colombia and the Netherlands. Woohoo I’m international hahaha! I love love love you all for taking the time to read my thoughts and if you have a blog I’d love to read yours too, gotta pay it forward! Anyways, thank you again it makes me feel good to know people are interested in what I have to say. “See” you later xoxoxo.

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Success is Subjective (from the blog of Carly Sarah)

Success is Subjective.

A very great post about what success means these days. Take a look I’m sure you’ll find yourself nodding your head just like I did when I read it. I swiped this from one of my fellow bloggers Carly Sarah, you should check out the rest of her blog.

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Beautiful Moments

There is beauty all around us
In small parts, in tall parts
Sometimes it shouts out to us
To be noticed and devoured
To be discussed and admired
There is beauty in
The ordinary and the extraordinary
The simple, the complex
In dawns light or twilight
We seek out those things
That make us stop and listen
Those things that call to us
From somewhere deep within
There is beauty in everything
If only we’d take the time to notice it
Explore it and enjoy it
Life is a series of fleeting moments
If we’re lucky we can preserve it on film
If we’re lucky we are part of the beauty
If only for a moment

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Little Miss Productive

I’m one of those people who chose to work for a while until I figured out what I wanted to go to school for. After two false starts, communications then restaurant management major, I figured I needed some time. Student loans make it easier for you to get the education you want. And you don’t think about them until after you’re done with school and have to pay them back.

I spent 6 months thinking I wanted to be a writer or PR exec, after I graduated high school. When I lost my desire for that I went to culinary school for 6 months. Then I realized that wasn’t the life I wanted. So I left. Spent the next few years working at some interesting places. I’ve sold office supplies (door to door), gave guided tours by horse drawn carriage, done store inventories, raised funds for an environmental group, and worked in customer service. What can I say I don’t always pick your typical 9 to 5.

I waited until I was 28 to go back to college and get my degree. Always had an interest in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I remember watching Silence of the Lambs when I was 11, and thinking “I wanna do that“. Tip-toe through the mind of a serial killer and help bring a family justice. Yeah, I wanted to be Clarice and work for the FBI. So I went back for Forensic Psychology, and I love it! I’d never been an honors student in high school. But I am now. I work my butt off to get projects done on time. I’ve got a wall calendar with all my assignments on it, so I can keep track of things.

When I can, I work ahead. Right now I’ve got 4 of my last 8 projects for the semester done already. And I plan on having the last four done within the next two weeks. I have the one thing I never had in high school, a high GPA. 3.95 and I plan on keeping it that way. So I’ll stay in instead of going out with friends. I’ll work on papers instead of vegging out in front of the TV. In the end I’ll be proud of myself for dedicating all that free time to keeping myself on track. I made my mom a promise before she died that I’d be her only child to finish college. In 14 months I’ll be a college grad 🙂 Call me dedicated, call me tenacious, call me sleep deprived…..my name is Little Miss Productive and I’m keeping that promise!


Push Girls


Push Girl Nominee Alana (Lana) Little

Alana Ashley Little (Lana)

Nominated by Little Miss Wheelchair Texas 2012

While Alana Ashley Little (Lana) may not meet most people’s definition of a Push Girl because she’s only eight years old, the reality of it is that she will probably not live to be an adult. Our Lana’s a fighter…she’s had to be. She was born into a world of mental illness, homelessness and drug and alcohol abuse. During her infancy, she never saw a pediatrician…never had her immunizations…never had formula…her world was a literal hell. We (her maternal grandparents) were able to win custody of Lana and her little brother, Alex in 2005 when she was fifteen months old and Alex was four months old. Just as we were all settling in to our new lives, Lana was diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T). A-T is a rare (about 500 cases in the USA and 1,000 worldwide), recessive genetic disorder that hides in the genes of those who carry it. Imagine having a disease that combines the very worst symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, an immune system deficiency and a 1,000 times greater chance of having cancer than the general population. A-T is neuro-degenerative and is progressive…there is no cure or treatment for A-T…it is fatal. (Lana and Alex’s mother, our daughter died on June 27, 2009 of a drug overdose. Their father’s paternal rights have been terminated.) Lana’s cerebellum has been destroyed by A-T…her immune system is no longer functioning, so she receives subcutaneous immunoglobin infusions each week at home (three needles in the stomach). She began using a wheelchair at the age of two to head off the crushing fatigue that A-T has caused. She made the move full time to her chair at the age of seven because she could no longer control the muscles in her body. While the drugs and alcohol that she was exposed to prenatally did not cause her A-T, they have certainly exacerbated it. Despite everything she’s endured in her short life, Lana is an inspiration to many…she has testified at our State Capital for the preservation of Medicaid…she was actually recognized on the Senate floor for her work…together, we educate others on children with disabilities. She loves nothing more than putting her chair on high and flooring it…laughing like crazy all the way. Lana is frustrated by people who feel sorry for her or pity her…that’s not what she’s about! She lives her life on her terms…and really, isn’t that the epitome of a Push Girl?


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Food for Thought

Food for Thought.

A little inspiration from my Food for Thought page on Pinterest….sometimes we need a little reminder that there’s more to us than we think


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Inspirational moments: Oscar Pistorius in the best picture you’ll see | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports

Inspirational moments: Oscar Pistorius in the best picture you’ll see | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports.

Oscar Pistorius racing Ellie Challs

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This one’s for the Ladies……

While I was getting ready this morning I couldn’t help but stop and think about all the time we spend “getting ready.” You get up, shower (or in my case take a bath because I don’t feel like standing up most of the time), and then go through the process of getting yourself together to face the world. Women spend 80-90% of their time worrying about how they look. Why is it such a big deal? Well from the time we’re little girls until the day we die, we get all these images thrown in our face and ideas shoved down our throat about what beauty is. Magazines telling us who the Most Beautiful People in the World are. TV shows with sculpted, thin women with porcelain skin and flawless hair and makeup. Commercials telling us what makeup to buy and hair products to use so we can be beautiful.

Aren’t we already beautiful? My mommy told me when I was a little girl that I was beautiful. That was before skin creams, makeup, nail polish and high heels became a part of routine. When do we stop believing that we’re beautiful without all of that stuff? Is it our teens? Adulthood? At some point we stop relying on our natural beauty and start using things to make us beautiful. Some of us use these things to enhance our looks, other women use these things because they think they’re not beautiful without them. We get so stressed out and anxious over getting ourselves together for a special occasion because we need to look perfect.

I thought about all of this while I was rubbing Mederma on myself to get rid of scars I have from picking at bug bites (one of my bad habits that Mark gets on me about).  I started thinking about why I’m taking the time to rub that stuff on my body. Is it because I don’t want people to see the scars? Or is it because I don’t want them on me? When I first started using the stuff it was out of embarrassment from being so marked up. The more I used it the better I felt because I didn’t want these marks on my body anymore. So now it’s not because I don’t want people staring at them, it’s because I don’t want them on me. I’m not getting rid of all my scars though. I’m keeping the one on my right leg that I got when I slipped and scrapped my shin against the metal piece holding the linoleum floor in my mom’s room in place. I’m keeping the ones on my left knee from my knee surgery in 2009. And I’m keeping the one on the inside of my left forearm from the time I wanted to slit my wrist and changed my mind at the last minute. My scars tell a story that I don’t want to erase.

I accept that I’m not perfect and I never will be. I don’t want to be perfect because perfect equals boring. I’m comfortable with the fact that my right leg is 1/4 inch shorter than my left leg. I’m comfortable with the fact that my hair will NEVER be perfect. I’m comfortable living in the body I have and showing off my natural beauty. There are so many different types of beauty in this world. Spend less time believing what the magazines consider beauty and find comfort in the person you are. Love your natural beauty.

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