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International Love

No this isn’t a shout out to Pitbull, although his songs are great to workout to. Just wanted to say HELLO to the new visitors who stopped to check out my blog. Thank you France, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, China, Norway, Taiwan, New Zealand and Finland! I haven’t forgotten about you USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Colombia and the Netherlands. I still love you! It is pretty cool to see people from the countries of my ancestors enjoying my blog.

For the scoop on my genealogy check out this post –> DNA Road Maps

Now all I need is someone from Greece, Libya, Ukraine and Ireland to make my family circle complete! 🙂

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DNA Road Maps

I was enjoying a nice, relaxing bath when these random thoughts started running rampant through my head. Even in my own head I have issues with my personal space being invaded. *Sigh* Anyway, I started thinking about how DNA lines are just like road maps. Bear with me it’ll make sense in a minute. Right now there is a road of some kind separating you from family members, or friends you think of as family.

Every time you think about visiting your aunt, grandma, cousin whoever it is the first thing you think about is how to get there. Our DNA spends a lot of time moving city to city, state to state or country to country. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never set foot onto another country, someone in your family has. Your DNA has done a lot of traveling. If only those frequent flier miles were transferable.

A year ago I took one of those genealogical DNA tests. The ones that tell you where your ancestors came from. I’ve gotta say my mom’s side of the family did a whole lot of traveling. Libya, Greece, Ukraine, Denmark, England, Ireland then USA. Always thought I had an interesting background but, it’s kind of funny I never saw Ukraine or Denmark being in the mix. Just goes to show you, just when you think you know everything there’s always something out there to make you go hmmm. The Viking blood could explain why I’m Team Eric (True Blood). And to all those who give me a funny look when I wear my St. Paddy’s gear 😛 “See I told ya I was Irish”
But like I was saying, we don’t think about where our blood has been we think about where we’ve been. Aren’t we more than our bodies though? I’m not talking about our immortal souls or anything. I mean our blood. For some of us (ahem, me) we have to find ways to define ourselves outside of our biological family because they choose to be non-existent. But there’s nothing wrong with looking back and wondering where did it all start.


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We Can Rebuild Her........we think

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We Can Rebuild Her........we think

We Can Rebuild Her........we think


We Can Rebuild Her........we think

We Can Rebuild Her........we think

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We Can Rebuild Her........we think

We Can Rebuild Her........we think

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